COVID-19: Social Distancing and How to Save Lives

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“I made this public service announcement-style video five days ago–it seems like forever–to try and help educate the community, especially teens and young adults, who are ignoring social distancing recommendations.”

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For more information about COVID-19: CDC COVID-19 Website



Jessica Faraci is a family physician. “In my little hometown there is an epidemic of cases right now. In the days since making this video, one of the patients I was caring for died from COVID-19, and there are more who will soon follow in the nursing home I work at. This is all feeling very real right now and about to get much worse. On the home front, I myself have been quarantined with my family and swabbed to see if I have COVID-19 due to my exposure at the nursing home. I have respiratory symptoms that are improving, and I’m hoping they’re not from COVID-19.”

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