fostering the humanistic practice of medicine publishing personal accounts of illness and healing encouraging health care advocacy

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fostering the humanistic practice of medicine publishing personal accounts of illness and healing encouraging health care advocacy

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Flow with It

Slow. Sluggish. Feet dragging. Legs heavy.

The run was not the effortless morning wake-up I had envisioned when I sat on front steps tying the shoes. The gazelle I had envisioned, gently bouncing over the trails, had turned into more of a hippo waddling along.

Then, around fifteen minutes into the run, I remembered a friend’s wisdom. “Don’t fight the current. Find it and flow with it.”

So, flow with it became my mantra.

As a competitive runner, flowing at an admittedly pedestrian speed is sort of new.

But then again, I am a competitive runner three months into a pandemic, exhausted from work as a family physician to support others in movement and health. I am a runner whose competition has become measured by resilience more than by mile pace or race times and awards.

It took some effort, but over the next miles of the run I repeated flow with it and let the run take over. Suddenly, the trees seemed more present. The flowering plants of our New Mexico landscape became more fragrant. The sand beneath my feet that had earlier seemed a culprit in my slow pace now welcomed my every step with a grainy cushioned embrace.

Before I realized it, I was in that wonderful space that running offers us: escape from pandemic and all of life’s stressors. I hardly noticed that my pace had quickened.

Flow with it.

That’s my prescription for us all. Let your movement be medicine on all levels: mind, body and spirit. Let your runs be a way to connect with yourself and nature in a way that we know is deep in our DNA as humans: running. As we see a world suffering, dedicate your movement to the healing of those infected and all of us affected. Flow with it.

And, in the fine print of the prescription, I might also add that flow with it means to take care of being gentle with ourselves in this moment. Right now, the best thing we can do some days is to throw out the pace or mileage goal for the day and focus on being present, giving thanks for the moment and for our bodies which allow the gift of that day’s run. As we say in our Running Medicine program, “Breathe deep, forget all worries, and get your medicine.”

Anthony Fleg
Albuquerque, New Mexico  


2 thoughts on “Flow with It”

  1. Since the 80s (long before IPod’s and listening devices) I’ve always told people I’ve coached and worked with that you need something to stick in your head to get you through the miles. Not that you repeat it every step or every breath, but multiple chants of it every so often. I’ve had several over the years that helped me and they always worked. I’ve run for over 60 consecutive days during this pandemic in prayer for the safety of my family and all life. We all “move” for different reasons, but often for one common thread, for one’s self and community. Purposely or inadvertently, the stronger we make ourselves helps create a stronger community. Thank you Dr. Fleg, for giving me a new mantra for the days ahead. I look forward to the last day I have to run for this particular issue, but until then, I have many blessing and mantra’s to help keep me going.

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