The Oddball

About the Artwork

“Patients frequency discuss feelings of being different and perhaps not fitting in as they would like. The best I can offer is a listening ear and reassurance. This tree reminded me that sometimes not fitting in makes it easier to stand out and get noticed.”

Lisa Gussak has been exploring the creative medium of photography for the past several years. She enjoys connecting images from the natural world to her work as a family physician. “Walking with my camera gives me the opportunity to observe the natural world, to see things as they appear in the moment and to reflect, all of which inform the care I provide to patients and their families.”


4 thoughts on “The Oddball”

  1. Katharine Barnard

    Lisa, thank you for continuing to draw our eyes to the natural world and its parallels to human experiences. In this case I am reminded of the advice to ask “what happened to you?” (in lieu of “what’s wrong with you?”) Here, we could wonder, “what happened to this tree to cause it to bend?”

  2. This is just a “wow” picture—- what a great eye and it reflects who I am!! Love it; just love it

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