Mother’s Milk

About the Artwork

“As a mother of four, I breastfed a singleton in medical school, my twins in residency, and my last as an attending physician. I have pumped in closets, bathrooms, call rooms, offices and, when I’m lucky, a dedicated lactation room. I’ve had more than a few colleagues wonder what the noise of the pump was when I was on the phone with them. You spend a lot of time looking at the walls in these rooms, and I painted this to adorn the walls of a lactation room in one of my offices that needed some color. No matter how busy or stressed I was, I carved aside the time to pump, and I was fortunate enough to meet my breastfeeding goal of one year for each of my children. It is not easy, and I commend any mother who breastfeeds for any amount of time.”

Jessica Faraci is a family physician who treasures her family, her patients, writing and creativity. She is also a proud mother of four young children under the age of six.


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Milk”

  1. Beautiful. It is appropriate decoration for mothers to view while nursing. I breastfed all six of our children.

  2. I love that you put it where other Moms could study it and meditate, as it is so beautiful and inspiring!

  3. Henry Schneiderman

    Beautiful, deeply meaningful, and just the upbeat note we so need as this harshest of years comes to a close. Thank you!!

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