Caring and Surviving COVID

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“This was (is) unbelievable. Mid March, in response to the rise in the number of Covid deaths in the ER of the medical center I work in, I was identified as being a clinician that could be useful in providing hospice/end of life communication and conversations. Although I was new to emergency medicine ‘scene’ – I am an old hospice nurse – comfortable with death and dying. I am used to going where people are dying – the ER was not an exception. My family and friends were in a panic though. I routinely sent family and friends selfies –  to show them I had PPE on, or was drinking or smiling etc. After I fell ill and tested positive from Covid, my family said I couldn’t return to work until I had an ipad (not little cell phone) to video chat families. This was th day I returned (after securing an ipad) and smiling because I was ‘safer’ at a distance to teleconference with families AND back on the frontline.”

Roxanne G. O’Brien RN, BSN NYC Hospice and Palliative Care and Covid Survivor has been an ER nurse in NYC for thirty years.


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