A Therapeutic Garden

A Therapeutic Garden Leach

About the Artwork

Michael Leach

About the artist: 

Michael Leach is a health researcher, wordsmith and photography lover. Having recently submitted his thesis for a PhD in pharmacy at the University of South Australia, Michael is currently working as a freelance academic editor while pursuing interests in visual poetry and photography. His visual poetry has been published in the Medical Journal of Australia, A New Ulster and Medical Humanities. He creates visual images in order to capture and share the beauty and poignancy that he perceives in everyday life.

About the artwork:

“I photographed this scene one fine spring day while strolling through the Adelaide Botanic Garden in Adelaide, South Australia. I was struck by the juxtaposition of the blue sky, tranquil waters and vibrant flora with two neighboring hospital wings: the radiation oncology and residential wings of the Royal Adelaide Hospital. It called to mind a smiling patient I had just seen sitting in the garden and, on a more personal level, loved ones who had remained upbeat in the face of severe illnesses such as cancer. I found myself thinking of the Adelaide Botanic Garden as a special place for reflection and metaphor, as a therapeutic garden in which peace of mind, resilience and optimism thrive.”

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders


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