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You may submit up to three poems. Please send each poem on a separate submission form.

Poems with unique formatting (spacing or indents): In addition to submitting your poem on this form, also send your poem–without your name on it–as a Word document attachment to

Please keep the following in mind:

  • The subject matter should be related to illness, healing and/or health care;
  • The poem should reflect the author’s real-life personal experience, which might include events involving self, family, friends or patients;
  • Poems should not exceed two pages in length (and shorter is perfectly fine!);
  • Haiku have a separate submission process. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on form (sonnets, free verse, whatever) or tone (humorous, reflective; joyful, sorrowful); and
  • Please respect the identity and confidentiality of anyone you write about, especially if that person is a patient.

Feel free to query us ( about the status of your work at any time.

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