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Bad karma: we can't find that page! 

But wait, there's still hope...

Pulse--voices from the heart of medicine
has launched a new website.  It's likely that you've clicked a link to a page on our old site.

But all is not lost! If you're looking for a story or poem, try clicking on the Back Pages button above to bring you to a listing of our archived stories and poems.

You can also use the white Search box (located on the right side of the Pulse banner, just above Pulse Links) to find what you're looking for. Just type the author's name or a few words from the story or poem title, then hit Return.

If you're looking for something else on our site, you should find the buttons above helpful--or try the Search box as well.

Thanks for visiting Pulse! (And sorry for this detour...)

With kind regards, 

The Pulse Staff