Young Warrior

Young Warrior - Kern

About the Artwork

Tyler Kern

About the artist: 

Tyler Kern is a third-year medical student at UCLA School of Medicine. “In my free time, I enjoy nature and wildlife photography.”

About the artwork:

“I took this photograph in Tanzania, East Africa, while volunteering at a medical clinic in a rural Maasai village. I would pass this young Maasai boy on my way to work each day. While his outward appearance was calm, cool and collected, I felt his eyes told a different story. I saw in them a battle between innocence, confidence, insecurity and curiosity–which is exactly how I felt as I began my third year of medical school, stepping onto the hospital wards.”

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders


2 thoughts on “Young Warrior”

  1. Pam Mitchell, RN

    Beautiful photo and comparison to yourself as medical student. So often it is the Beauty like this that feeds our souls as we traverse the intricate and challenging path of healthcare today. What is most powerful for me is how you brought back the humanity of our work. Thank you Tyler!

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