Two Bodies

About the Artwork

“This photograph is part of a series of images exploring my personal healing process after emergency meningioma surgery in February 2020, immediately prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. In creating this series, I sought to demonstrate my emotions about being forced to abruptly leave my career (Body One) for the out-of-body post-surgical isolation and recovery experience (Body Two). Through my use of light, color and shadow, I attempted to present what it felt like to be in two simultaneous bodies.”

Isabella Calisi-Wagner is an interdisciplinary poet/artist from Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Her work has appeared in Ms. Magazine, The American Journal of Nursing, The Dreams in Hiding Anthology and Waymark Literary Magazine. With a BFA from NYU in screenwriting and photography and an MS Ed from Queens College, she writes short stories and paints in magical realism. “I also practice tai chi, take acting classes and present online ‘Art to Graffiti Poetry’ classes through AARP-NY and The Islip Arts Council.”


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