Window Seat

schoolboys oddo

About the Artwork

Anthony Oddo

About the artist: 

Anthony Oddo is a medical student in southwest Ohio. Before entering medical school, he received his degree in anthropology from Emory University, where he studied and produced ethnographic photography. When he is not pursuing his medical degree, he is traveling and volunteering around the globe with his camera in tow. He has visited and photographed places across the US and world, including Mexico, Italy and, most recently, Swaziland, Africa.

About the artwork:

“A group of young schoolboys peek through a broken window into a classroom used as a triage center for a hospital outreach in rural Swaziland. These curious, uniform-clad children spent the day participating in educational sessions on healthy lifestyles, obtaining HIV testing and receiving other medical care. For volunteers and local community members alike, the days spent at these rural homesteads are a window into each other’s lives and act as unique opportunities for all individuals to learn from one another.”

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders


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