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“This is a scene I witnessed as I walked past the Emergency Room Trauma Bay a few days ago. Post trauma /Cardiac arrest, patient was coded for several minutes and could not be resuscitated. He was declared dead, the ET ( endotracheal tube) is still left in place, covered by a blanket, the room half cleaned with blood still spattered on the floor, all medical personnel left. Wife is alone standing next to her husband’s dead body, silently crying.”

Jaya Mallidi is an Interventional cardiologist in Santa Rosa, California.

“Physicians face myriad problems as they practice modern medicine. There is so much chaos and confusion, so much scrambling around. The one saving grace untouched by technology is the human connection. If we can step back, breathe and observe, there are moments of grace, kindness, compassion, pain and humility. My goal in sketching is to display these humanistic moments.”


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  1. thank you for this image and these words. As a palliative care and hospital chaplain, I also have taking in this scene too many times as I take a second before I walk in the ED/trauma rooms. part assessment for me part honoring of all of the energy and love in the form of the most rudimentary of medical interventions that have been in that room in the past minutes or hours. As well as the humanity that is both starkly present and often hard to fully access. Thank you for this beauty.

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