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“This is my first painting as a paramedic after seven months in the field. I love being a helper and enjoy the challenges of meeting patients when they are in the pre-hospital setting.”

For most of their young and adult life, Jami Ray has been a painter and creator of peculiar things. “Like all humans, I come with my own set of personal traumas. As a young artist I painted as a quiet cry for help. Today I have the great honor of being a paramedic and a helper to others. My work continues to grow out of a greater understanding of human suffering and adversity.”


3 thoughts on “Tossed”

  1. I love the way you used those lines around the equipment and the paramedic to illustrate the constant motion of an ambulance ride. Modern EMS care is so different from the old days when police used to drop off patients at our ER from the back of a Harley-Davidson Servicar motorcycle!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. What a captivating painting that really captures the feeling of an ambulance ride. Brings me back to my early days in medicine and my first ride along. Thank you for sharing, and keep on painting, you have a gift!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I have much less time to be a painter these days with work demands. This color scheme and style is helping me get my ideas out on canvas in short time. It’s neat how becoming a Paramedic has influenced all aspects of my art making. Like decisions in the field and on canvas, I don’t have time to over think choices. I have to make swift strong bold strokes: )

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