The Day Grandpa Passed

The Day Grandpa Passed

About the Artwork

Michael Leach

About the artist: 

MIchael Leach currently works as a data and quality specialist in a hospital setting. He is also a published researcher, writer, poet and photographer with special interests in health and history. His creative work has been published in The Medical Journal of Australia, Medical Humanities, The Galway Review and Pulse–voices from the heart of medicine. Michael creates visual images in order to capture and share the poignancy and beauty that he perceives in everyday life. He resides in Central Victoria, Australia.

About the artwork:

“This photo, taken from the window of my office at a regional hospital, shows the darkness of the day my eighty-nine-year-old grandpa passed, the old hospital in which he spent his final days and the bright light he always radiated. It was a cold winter’s morning when a nurse called my office to convey urgent news: Grandpa was dying at my workplace’s hospice. I dropped everything and rushed over there, just across the road shown here, only to discover that Grandpa had died during my short journey. Shocked, I placed my hand on Grandpa’s motionless hand and tried in vain to say goodbye. It was not until late in the day that I realized Grandpa and I could never truly part–his light will illuminate my heart.”

This photograph is in memory of Eric Wheeler.

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders


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