Stained Marrow

Stained Marrow - OBranski

About the Artwork

Erin O’Branski

About the artist: 

Erin O’Branski is a physician assistant practicing in hematology-oncology at the Duke Cancer Institute. She is also a continuing-education student at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke. She is currently documenting art and beauty in everyday life in the hospital, a project which began as a way to process the pain and sadness associated with life-threatening diseases. Her recent short documentary Cancer Warriors can be seen at

About the artwork:

“After performing a bone-marrow biopsy, I accompanied the lab technician to the lab and photographed the process of staining the cover slips that are placed on specimen slides. I really liked the colors, especially the cover slip with water on it; it looks like a jewel.”

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders


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