Small Town Blues


About the Artwork

“This scene depicts an empty street (with the exception of a lone biker) in small-town America: Monroe, Michigan. While media coverage of our global health crisis has focused on large urban areas, COVID-19 has also had a significant, under-discussed impact on rural communities–many of which consist only of small businesses that may struggle to return after lengthy closures.”

Conrad Mahr is a school psychologist and clinical psychologist in the Metro Detroit area. Landscape and photography has always been a personal hobby and passion. 


1 thought on “Small Town Blues”

  1. This is a beautiful photo about a timely subject. We don’t think of smaller towns with the virus since they don’t make the news but I grew up in a hometown of around 2500 people and it’s there. The police chief was the first known case. In our town, unfortunately, so many small businesses had already closed due to a bypass around town and chain stores being built out around or near that bypass. An earlier sort of death.

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