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About the Artwork

Danielle Shamlian

About the artist: 

Danielle Shamlian is a freelance photographer in eastern Massachusetts, specializing in children and family photography. She received her degree in photography from Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts. In May 2014, she was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. This shock was the beginning of an overwhelming two years. She’s gone through rounds of chemo, radiation, a bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, and she continues with different treatments today. When she had to stop using her heavy DSLR camera, she began using her point-and-shoot camera and cell phone to take photos of flowers and nature, which she loves. “Taking pictures lifts my spirits immensely and allows me an escape from the challenges of my treatment.” Further work can be seen at DanielleShamlian.com.

About the artwork:

“I didn’t stumble upon this flower; it just came to me as part of a beautiful gift bouquet. The roses were so gorgeous, and they all had different characters and hues. Some were vibrant, and others had soft pastel tones. I received them a few months after my breast cancer surgery. I was really in a sad place, and I couldn’t do anything; but receiving them brightened my day. I started to take pictures of each one; for some reason this one resonated most with me. It had an edgy look, rough around the edges, with a delicate feel and breathtaking color, which is how I felt that day.”

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders


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