Quarantine Art

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“As a third-year medical student during a pandemic, I find myself in a strange reality. At the start of the COVID-19 crisis, my institution temporarily dismissed all medical students from clinical duties. Going from actively participating in daily patient care to pursuing an entirely online curriculum has been challenging. After the endless Zoom meetings, repeated rescheduling of board exams, reports of rising case numbers, and the loneliness, worry and uncertainty of it all, I seek solace in creative outlets. Through art, I can visit swirling oceans, sherbet-colored sunsets and summertime butterfly gardens, all from the little desk in my apartment. Creating these colorful images makes me smile, if just for a moment, before returning to reality. I hope they will bring viewers a small bit of joy as well.”

Lily Mahler is a medical student at the University of Alabama School of Medicine and plans to apply to a residency in pathology this fall. She has always been a visual learner who found herself enamored of both science and art from a young age. The field of pathology, in particular, inspires her to explore the relationship between science and art in the natural world. “Abstract painting is my preferred medium because, unlike any other art form, it allows me to self-reflect and explore my imagination. I enjoy giving back to my community by donating artworks to shows and silent auctions that benefit local charities.”


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