On Call

On Call

About the Artwork

Cheri Geckler 

About the artist:

Cheri Geckler is a neuropsychologist who has worked as a clinician in academic medical centers, primarily in Boston, for the duration of her professional career.

About the artwork:

“This assemblage of dated medical gear was found discarded in a storage closet. Its age and unspoken history elicited a strong heartfelt response from me.”

Visuals editor:

Sara Kohrt


3 thoughts on “On Call”

  1. Ronna Edelstein

    My pediatrician when I was a child always came to my house with his black bag. The bag scared me; I knew it contained a vial of penicillin and a sharp needle. Yet, it sweetened my visit with the doctor for it also held a rainbow of lollipops.

    1. Linda Fromm Azzarell

      Ronna. I lost your email address so I hope you are receiving this

      Happy Birthday….many more
      Hope your world is doing well !
      Linda (Fromm)

  2. Oh my. The bag is like the one our family doctor used when he made house calls in my childhood. Many memories. Thank you.

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