Neuronal Knitwork

About the Artwork

“Neuronal Knitwork” is a fiber-art rendering of two neurons in synapse and reflects the accessibility and ubiquity of knitting and crocheting as both functional and scientific art forms.

Lealani Mae Acosta is an assistant professor of neurology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. Her clinical care and research in cognitive and behavioral neurology mirrors her love for knitting and creative writing, blending both the art and science of medicine. She has published poetry, prose and visual arts in peer-reviewed venues.


9 thoughts on “Neuronal Knitwork”

  1. I love this hat! As a neuro-oncology patient, my neurons are always misfiring with seizures, and my hair is sparse from chemo and radiation. Is there a simple neuron-like head covering, dendrites included, available, or a knitting pattern? Not a substitute for this unique, unmatched work of art, which has a life of its own. Much appreciated for your artistry and craftsmanship. Thanks.

    1. Thank you! I’m sorry to hear about your symptoms and I hope you have a great neuro-oncology team taking care of you. Way to be proactive about making a neuron head covering! I have heard there are patterns on websites like Ravelry or other related pages, though I don’t know of any myself.

      While not a neuron, there is a popular brain pattern that’s essentially a long I-cord that you wind about a cap base to make it look like a brain, like this one (though I knitted this in a different manner because I wasn’t satisfied with the anatomical accuracy of the I-cord for my purposes!)

      1. Thank you so much! Please forgive delayed reply. Brain offline for a bit. I’m amazed at your anatomical precision intertwined with artistic creativity. An inspiration for every step of neuro-regeneration!

  2. Stunning in its detail! Exceptional talent in crafting the intricacies of two neurons in synapse

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