Mourning Visit

Mourning Visit Asters photo

About the Artwork

“I imagine that birds often perch on the balcony outside my bedroom when I’m not home. On this day, as I milled around before getting down to work, I had the privilege of spotting this mourning dove. The brief moment I shared with it gave me a taste of the outdoors I’m no longer permitted to enjoy so freely; it was also a role reversal in which I, not the bird, was the one trapped inside a cage and on display.”

Since the arrival of COVID-19, Aster Gross has been working from home for People’s Television, a film production company. She shares her home in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, with three roommates, two cats and two guinea pigs. “I’ve found that snacking, petting Sebastian and Archie (my guinea pigs) and learning K-pop choreography have been most effective at easing my quarantine blues.”


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