Lucidity – “Let’s Go Have Some Fun”

About the Artwork

“This was taken on my father’s eightieth birthday. He’d been dealing with Parkinson’s for over a decade and had been diagnosed with a form of dementia partially related to a cancerous tumor behind his eye socket and the aggressive chemotherapy he’d received to save his life. This was a particularly lucid moment where he was cruising down the halls, his feet pulling him along, and giving thanks and saying hello to his caretakers as he passed them by. He was pretty excited that I was there at his nursing home to take him out for a few hours to celebrate.”

Thelo Aiken takes pictures of what is loved: “My family, sunsets, ocean seascapes, natural beauty and our human interaction with it. Photography enables me to really see the world. It forces me to slow down, observe and appreciate the small details in this life.”


4 thoughts on “Lucidity – “Let’s Go Have Some Fun””

  1. What a wonderful photo. I love the dark hallway and the light all around your father. What a great perspective of viewing your dad from behind—it gives a sense of trying to keep up with him and his joyfully raised fist. Thank you for sharing Thelo!

  2. What a beautiful photo! You have captured a precious moment of connection between father and son, and I feel like I’m right there with you.

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