Lone Tree

Mary Shannon La Jolla

About the Artwork

Mary T. Shannon

About the artist: 

I am a psychotherapist who specializes in using story and art as adjunctive treatment tools. Having used both of these tools in my own healing process, I am better able to guide others in doing the same. Additional visual art, as well as essays and academic journal articles on narrative medicine can be found on www.marytshannon.com.

About the artwork:

My husband and I solemnly walked by this scene the day before his surgery, silently holding hands. The surgery was risky, and we both knew he might not survive. I wondered if I would soon be like this tree, standing alone, and how I would survive on my own. A month later we walked by the tree again, silently holding hands. Only this time we were smiling.

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders



2 thoughts on “Lone Tree”

  1. This is a stunning photograph; I particularly like the intersection of the vertical tree and the horizontal clouds. The story behind the photograph is powerful and compelling.

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