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About the Artwork

Mary Presciutti

About the artist: 

Mary Presciutti lives in New York City, a single mother of three wonderful children. She is a self-taught Impressionist-style painter inspired by the works of Van Gogh and others. Most of all, she is committed to the health and welfare of patients with diseases of the nervous system; she works as a neurosurgery nurse practitioner at a major medical center in New York City.

About the artwork:

“This painting is part of a series inspired by my longing for peace and understanding as I work in the intensive-care unit caring for patients with neurological diseases, while also coping with the struggle of a relative with addiction and mental illness. Like many before me, I’ve often wondered whether it is possible to connect to something divine and abstract while living in a world of chaos and confusion. It remains a puzzle. Imagine reflects my awe at the beauty of the clouds and the open sea, which remind me of the endless possibilities of healing–and to be present to peace and tranquility.”

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders


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