Heart Illustration Rooprai

About the Artwork

Paul Rooprai

About the artist: 

Paul Rooprai is a fourth-year undergraduate student in the Health Sciences program at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. His is interested in studying the healthcare system and in creating medical illustrations. HIs love for digital media and drawing led him to learn how to use Photoshop to create biomedical graphics. “Using a graphics tablet connected to my laptop, I worked off of an actual heart specimen found in the anatomy lab of the McMaster School of Medicine.”

About the artwork:

“This heart was one of two I made that felt personally meaningful to me. I created them because of a woman I met in one of my volunteer placements. She was a mother who, in her mid-thirties, had had a stroke and a heart attack that left her disabled and wheelchair-bound. She owns a special place in my heart because of her stories and her enthusiasm for life.”

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders


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