Gun Control?

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“This small sign hangs on the front door of the medical office building where I work. It is the only ‘gun control’ that exists here. After the recent shootings, including the one last month in a Tulsa medical building, I wonder to myself if it stops anyone from bringing in a weapon. Meanwhile, we pass it every day, hoping to saving lives.”

Sarah Smith is a board-certified family physician and a mother. She lives in Tampa with her family and enjoys writing in her spare time.


2 thoughts on “Gun Control?”

  1. Carol Roberts Gerson

    Unfortunately, the person with the AR-15 who wants to commit mass murder, is not going stop at that sign and say “Well, I guess I should go somewhere else to kill people.” It is a nice statement, but ineffective. Much more stringent laws, however, to restrict gun ownership by age, require training and licensing, waiting periods, making straw buying illegal, red flag laws etc, will be effective. And responsible gun owners are overwhelmingly for those measures. Overcoming the wealth of the industry and the wingnuts who resist all regulation needs to be our focus.

  2. I sometimes wish we had a nice friendly mri machine with its outrageous magnetic field right next to the door .

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