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About the Artwork

Judith Krongard

About the artist: 

Judith Krongard is a retired nurse and artist who studied illustration at the Traphagen School of Fashion in New York City. She has illustrated several children’s books, including Doorways to Arkomo and Doorways Home. Ms. Krongard favors pencil, charcoal and pastel on paper, and creates digital works of art on her iPad. To view a partial portfolio of her work, visit

About the artwork:

“Grace” was created as part of a series of illustrations for the novel Doorways Home, which features an eleven-year-old girl with cancer. The character of Grace is based on Ms. Krongard’s granddaughter, who was diagnosed with cancer at eleven and now, nearly five years later, is in the late stages of her disease.

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders


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