Floraplasia of the Great Vessels

flora heart

About the Artwork

“For me, the anatomy lab was an incredibly moving experience. I will forever be grateful to the patients and families who have chosen to donate their bodies to education, and I felt a strong responsibility to learn as much as I could within those walls. In a way, my paintings are a tribute to them. I always found myself lost in thought, imagining the life that was once lived by the donors, and in my paintings I try to bring life to their different organs and systems.”

Megan Murnane is a third-year medical student studying in Dublin, Ireland. She has been painting with oils and acrylics since she was young, but recently took up watercolors after starting medical school, drawing inspiration from what she saw and learned in anatomy lab. As she enters her clinical years, she hopes to capture these experiences with her paintbrush as well.  

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