Famino - Baudino

About the Artwork


Frank Baudino

About the artist: 

Frank Baudino has worked for more than three decades in family medicine, both as a primary-care clinician and as a teacher. “I am an avid believer in volunteerism, and the volunteer experience which affected me most profoundly was my six-month mission in Sudan with Doctors Without Borders. Photography is another of my passions, and I strive to make images that describe the human condition with compassion.” You can see more of his images at frankbaudino.visualserver.com.

About the artwork:

“Following twenty years of civil war, many of the Sudanese in the south were starving. The children were hardest hit. I was in charge of a therapeutic feeding center for children, where I encountered this mother and child as they waited patiently to be screened. Famine bears witness to the conditions of deprivation under which many of the world’s people live; it illustrates the suffering of a mother and her child in an environment that most of us could not imagine, and of which many are unaware.”

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders


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