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Enduring Beauty…Rose

K. Bernstein Enduring Beauty

Karla Bernstein

About the artist: 

“I recently retired as a nurse practitioner, having worked in women’s health since the 1970s. The mysteries of the ‘how-to’ of health and wellness filled my early professional days. As I matured within the role, I was awed that patients allowed me into some of their most intimate moments and thoughts as we worked together to identify and respond to their health challenges. I realized that it was this trusting partnership that was the foundation for a successful healthcare journey. I saw the beauty of the human body and mind within the illness and aging process. With my photography, I aspire to identify, capture and reflect the same sense of mystery and awe that resonated within me during clinical practice.”

About the artwork:

“This is one of a series of botanical images I took celebrating the beauty of our own human process of aging. While working in my garden, I thrill to the loveliness of each species’ blooms. While the colors, textures and shapes create a feast for the eyes, their traditional beauty is fleeting. I’ve become increasingly intrigued with photographing the blossoms and foliage as they age–the shapes, lines, muted colors and textures that appear with nature’s involution. While I work to capture the lines and creases that emerge, I’m drawn to the beauty of the aging process itself–the way our skin’s texture transforms over time, the way our faces change, becoming even more interesting and captivating.”

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders