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About the Artwork

Alia Moore

About the artist: 

“I am currently completing my third year of internal medicine residency in Denver, Colorado. After graduation, I plan on pursuing primary care among the urban underserved. I discovered photography in medical school and have been taking pictures ever since. It’s one way that I explore my creativity and also a way to view my job and my patients from a different perspective.” Alia Moore has previously published a story in Pulse. Her portfolio can be viewed http://amphoto.virb.com.

About the artwork:

“This photograph is part of a larger project entitled Short Coats, which I completed in medical school after being chosen as an artist-in-residence. The series was meant to capture some of the new and frightening experiences common to young doctors in training, including the staggering amounts of information we are supposed to learn, the overwhelmingly high expectations of us by our patients and professors, the constant and desperate search for a single moment of free time and, as illustrated here, waking up really, really early.”

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders


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