Dying for Change

dying in sanders

About the Artwork


About the artist: 

Justin Sanders trained as a family doctor and is now pursuing a career in palliative care. He has written stories for Pulse and serves as its visuals editor. Having studied art history and worked in the fine arts, he has a deep faith in their healing power. Justin and his wife live in Boston. When not tending to their ten-month-old daughter, Cecily, Justin loves to mess up recipes from a growing cookbook collection and to read The New Yorker.

About the artwork:

“On December 10, hundreds of medical students around the country held ‘die-ins’ to protest racist criminal policing and our broken criminal justice system and also to acknowledge and mourn the lives of black men, such as Eric Garner and Michael Brown, who have died unecessarily at the hands of the police. The students joined tens of thousands who have protested across the country in the wake of the grand jury rulings against indictment of the police officers involved in these cases. Moments such as this remind me of the power that medical students have to use their collective voice in ways that the medical establishment never will. It made me proud to have been one.” #whitecoats4blacklives #blacklivesmatter

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders


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