Doctor Stopping the Virus

About the Artwork

“I drew my mommy stopping the virus because she’s a doctor. The virus makes me sad because it’s hurting people. I can’t wait till the virus is gone. I really want the virus to be gone, I’m so excited for when that happens.”

Jessica Faraci: “As a physician and a mother, it’s been a tricky balance to educate and protect my children. One thing that has helped my five-year-old is explaining why we can’t go see her friends, and what will make the virus go away eventually. She drew this artwork, a child’s rendition of our future; it inspires me to hope that she will remember some of this time with something other than fear.”

As told to Eliana’s mother, Jessica Faraci: “My name is Eliana Halevy. I am 5 years old. My mommy is a doctor. I like to play and draw. I am staying home because the virus is outside. Sometimes like to stay inside, but I like to be outside. And I miss my friends.”


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