COVID Remapped

About the Artwork

“Throughout the COVID pandemic, we have been presented with many maps: maps of prevalence, test positivity, hospitalizations, wastewater content and deaths. These maps’ often bright colors belie their true geography–that of pain and suffering. What if we could map hope, kindness and places where recovery and healing occur? Those constructs would be harder to precisely identify and trace; this abstract painting (acrylic ink and pigment on wood board) is a representation (or map) of them.”

Megan Gerber is a general internist on the faculty of Albany Medical College in New York. Her clinical and academic work focuses on improving both health outcomes and the healthcare experience for persons who have experienced trauma. For the last several years, she has developed ways to integrate narrative medicine into this work. Her abstract paintings and mixed-media pieces focus on expression of “emotional landscape”; her visual and written work has appeared in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, Intima and She is the editor of Trauma-informed Healthcare Approaches: A Guide for Primary Care (Springer, 2019).


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  1. This is a wonderful painting and I love the sentiment my t and creative energy fueling its creation. Thanks for sharing

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