Art of the Human Body

About the Artwork

This drawing represents the fragility, intricacy and beauty of the human body. The rib cage, a structure that protects the heart and lungs, symbolizes the vulnerability of our internal organs. The flowers around it represent growth, healing and the beauty of life. Together, the rib cage and the flowers express an appreciation for the human body’s potential for recovery, renewal and resiliency as part of homeostasis and in the face of illness.

As a student of medicine, Deepali Bhalla has always been fascinated by the intersection of art, nature and medicine, and the ways these fields can inform and enhance each other. In addition to a passion for medicine, Deepali practices art as a creative outlet, trying new techniques in both areas. “I believe that art has the power to convey complex ideas in a way that is engaging and accessible, and I hope to explore the intersection of nature, art and medicine by showcasing the beauty of the world around us. I hope to use art as a means of education and inspiration, inviting viewers to reflect on ourselves and the world around us.”


15 thoughts on “Art of the Human Body”

  1. This is stunning! I appreciate the attention you draw to the relationship between art and medicine, I think that connection is a very meaningful one. I can’t wait to see your future creations!

  2. Wow! Your art picture is simply stunning! Your talent for creating such beautiful works of art is truly inspiring. Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Wow! Your art picture is simply stunning! The colors and details you’ve included are breathtaking. Your talent for creating such beautiful works of art is truly inspiring. Keep up the amazing work!

  4. The expression of thoughts through art is very beautiful and the description of it by the artist is deep. As it was described by the artist herself, the rip cage and its appreciation through flowers is very meaningful. Great work.

  5. Shraddha Rikhye

    This is a fascinating combination of art, nature & medicine. I am especially in awe of the grace with which intricacies of the human skeleton have been expressed. Very commendable!

  6. Dilhari Wimalarathne

    This art is a different kind of thought.You have shown penetrative and hidden meaning of the skeleton using black , white and colors.I love this art appreciation..!

  7. Deepali this is awesome. The beauty that lies in the human body and which is portrayed here as nothing but bones, has a much deeper meaning to it. We can bring out that beauty in so many ways to celebrate life. Well done!!!

  8. Deepali, there’s something eerie about the skeleton all in black, colorful flowers growing from it, around it. It’s as if life is emerging from inescapable death and decay. And it’s all still worth it.

    You also chose to leave the skull and limbs out. Hmmm…

    It’s striking. May you find the intersection of medicine, art, and nature meaningful…

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