Are We Allone?

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“The experiences of the last year, the last month, and now even more so this last week have been ones that will define each of our individual lives forever.

“When looking at this image, it’s easy to remember all the times over the last year that isolation, fear, anxiety, anger and horror have consumed me completely, and I have questioned my reality, our history, the future. The larger world has collapsed, folded in on itself, and I’m stuck here in my own small one now, the same as you are in yours.

“We remain alone to be a part of something larger. Knowing that there are millions of others feeling the exact same way is both comforting and terrifying. We are collectively facing a mental health crisis, and we’re witness to the destruction and decay that can happen when it goes unchecked.

“Are we all one? Are we alone? Maybe it’s that we have to remember that we’re both.

“I took this photo in New York City in November 2015.”

Sara Kohrt is the Visuals Editor for Pulse, and a linguistic researcher who analyses clinical dialogues between patients and their providers. She and her family live in North Carolina.


1 thought on “Are We Allone?”

  1. My husband is 88.

    I have to say that for people of his age (and many even 10 years younger)
    the events of the past year have left them feeling totally alone, without
    hope of ever feeling part of something larger.

    If you have relatives , patients or neighbors in that age group, please
    give them whatever comfort and companionship you

    This is not a country for old people.

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