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Weathered Hands

Weathered Hands Indralingam

Renusha Indralingam

About the artist:

Renusha Indralingam is a graduate of Yale University, where she studied molecular biology and film studies. She loves to explore the intersection of storytelling, visuals and medicine, and understands the importance of narrative in a medical setting. She has worked and volunteered in hospices and hospitals in Florida, Connecticut and Alaska. 

About the artwork:

"After I had just finished working at a community hospital in Alaska with elderly patients on the Long Term Care Unit, I captured this photos from the top of Taku Glacier in Juneau, Alaska. I was struck by how similar the jagged lines and ridges in the glacier matched the lines and wrinkles in the patients' hands. The striations in the glacier's face reflected so much of the geological and natural history of Alaska. In the same way, the personal stories that each patient shared with me reflected just as much Alaskan history: ore mining, fishing, hunting and growing up as native Alaskans in one of the nation's youngest states."

Visuals editor:

Sara Kohrt