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 IMG 3968


Debbie Hall

About the artist:

Debbie Hall is a psychologist, writer and photographer. Her first poetry collection, What Light I Have, has been published by Main Street Rag. Her poetry has appeared in a variety of literary journals. Her essays have appeared on NPR ("This I Believe" series) and in The San Diego Union Tribune and other magazines/journals. 

About the artwork:

"I took this photo of my partner in September, on a morning walk after her first chemotherapy session for breast cancer. It was the beginning of what will be a long and challenging journey for both of us. Although we'll have many more dark moments as a result of her illness, there is a fundamental sense of moving toward a positive outcome, moving into the light."

Visuals editor:

Sara Kohrt


# Sandra Driscoll 2017-12-30 18:19
Absolutely wonderful!
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# Denise Brose 2017-12-30 12:38
Absolutely beautiful Debbie!
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# Jane Beseda 2017-12-29 23:01
This is stunning. It’s an uncanny picture of the future. I like the way Cathy is leaning into the journey. And that red shirt makes it a National Geographic winner.
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# Dorothy Vincent 2017-12-29 21:07
Powerful and perfect!!

It's like you have connections "upstairs" to get that miracle lighting.

Enjoyed your book of poems -- some very heavy!! You are too talented.
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# Debbie Hall 2017-12-31 13:54
Thanks so much, Dorothy. Just a lucky time of day on the photo (for the light).
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# mary severine 2017-12-29 19:24
Perfect photo for the sentiment on many levels.
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# John 2017-12-29 18:46
Wonderful photo, Deb. Indeed, a photo of hope!
We wish you both a New Year full of renewed health and happiness.
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# Debbie Hall 2017-12-29 19:01
Thank you so much!
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