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Building Site


Justin Sanders

About the artist: 

Justin Sanders is a palliative-care physician in Boston. From today, he is the former visuals editor of Pulse. "I'm going to miss this job, and miss combing through the wonderful images sent by our readers. Fortunately, I have lots to keep my hands full, including a new baby." He still loves reading the New Yorker and cooking pizza at home. 

About the artwork:

"With the arrival last week of a second child, the corralling of the first, the pressures of building a career, and my ambivalence about passing on the responsibilities of editing this wonderful part of Pulse, it was helpful to come across this scene. Despite the seeming chaos of building a life, of saying hello to new things and goodbye to others, it's helpful to remember that life goes one way: forward."

Visuals editor:

Sara Kohrt