one forty five

About the Artwork

Martha Nance

About the artist: 

Martha Nance is a neurologist in Minnesota who specializes in neurodegenerative disorders. She has had a few works of narrative medicine published within the last year, but finds pictures, at times, to be worth a screenful of words.

About the artwork:

It often comes as an unfortunate surprise (particularly for family members) when my Parkinson’s patients struggle to ‘draw a clock.’ This is a collage of clocks, showing many different ways that people struggle to portray time. Should this person drive? Manage her own medications? The picture tells the story…”

Visuals editor:

Sara Kohrt


2 thoughts on “1:45”

  1. marilyn barton

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve never seen so many abnormal clock drawings in one place. Showed it to my husband who
    was amazed they asked him to do such a simple exercise at his first Medicare wellness visit.

  2. Henry Schneiderman

    This is a wonderful visual, serious and humorous all at the same time. I have always loved to administer and interpret the Draw–a-Clock test, and this captures its power and appeal and esthetic, how devastating its results can be and how wry. Thank you Martha Nance!

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