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Valhalla Over Connacht Shea

Valhalla Over Connacht

Sandra Shea

About the artist: 

Sandra Shea is an associate professor at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.  “As a colon and skin cancer survivor, I know WAY too much about how health care works from the inside!  Ireland holds a special place in my

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heaven and earth 2 demetropolis

Heaven and Earth

Alicia Demetropolis

About the artist: 

Alicia Jean Demetropolis is an orthopedic exercise specialist and healthcare assistant and is certified in providing spiritual care to people at the end of life. She is a published author of fiction and nonfiction and writes and publishes a quarterly newsletter

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Casting Out Demons

Jef Gamblee

As I stand beside the bed in Mr. Jerome’s living room, his pit bull puppy sniffs the body bag lying on a stretcher nearby. His cat curls up on the bedside shelf.

“That dog gonna be a problem?” asks Jude, one of the crematory guys.

“She might get underfoot,” says the neighbor, whose name I can’t remember. “But she’s a lover, not a fighter.”

Jude and Chuck are here to

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