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Vaccinate My Heart

My friend said that she “is not ready yet.”
When would she be ready?
“It is not approved yet.”
Actually, it is.

“I am a careful person.”
You got COVID, even though you are a careful person.
“It feels like there is an agenda; it’s being rammed down our throats.”
Yes! There is an agenda: Stop the spread of COVID and save lives.
“Even vaccinated people get COVID.”
But in far lower numbers. And very few of them die.
“I am a stubborn person! I know that about myself.”
It is not about you this time. You can be as stubborn as you want regarding your own body. This time it is about other peoples’ bodies and lives.
I myself am vaccinated. I am protected against severe illness and death from COVID. Now I want a vaccination against frustration, anger, and judgement.
Tokyo, Japan


1 thought on “Vaccinate My Heart”

  1. The concluding sentence makes a great point. I fear , however, that any vaccine against frustration, anger, and judgment would be even less popular than the Covid vaccine is.

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