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Why Won’t You Ask Me, Too?

The Brooklyn Bridge and the water running beneath it shimmered in the evening sunlight as I gazed out the window of my  Pace University classroom. Class had just gotten over, and my classmates were making plans to go out for a drink and unwind. Snippets of conversation reached my ears as I gathered up my books and unplugged my computer.

“What about Esther? Shall we ask her?”

“Oh, no! She is Catholic, Indian, and married. She wouldn’t come!”

Why not?! I thought silently to myself. I wouldn’t mind some good conversation and a margarita!

The semester was proving to be very stressful, in a way that my family wouldn’t understand. It would have been nice to commiserate with my classmates.

But apparently I looked too straitlaced to have fun. Apparently married Indians don’t drink or chill!

“Have a great weekend, guys!” I waved and left.

I went back home and poured myself a drink!

Esther Pottoore
Yonkers, New York


3 thoughts on “Why Won’t You Ask Me, Too?”

  1. Pam Adelstein

    ugh! I feel for you. And have been in your shoes. I hope next time they (or whomever the next they will be) invite you with joy and expectancy.

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