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A Fourth-Year Medical Student’s Memoir

A few months ago, I was chugging along in my final year of medical school. Then, in March, everything changed.
We all have stories to tell. Mine is the story of fourth-year medical students, and particularly those in my class at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.

I’ll tell the story by taking you to my Inbox and sharing the first lines of emails our class has received over the past few weeks …

Late breaking news
The eyes of the entire nation are now focused on the military to help stem the spread of COVID-19.

Our COVID update for today

On Tuesday, March 24, you will notice Rapid Response Shelter tents placed in front of the iconic Tower, Bldg. 1
Stay Strong! Stay Healthy!

Metro has closed 19 stations as of March 26 and they will remain closed until further notice

That should work out well.

Today is National Doctors’ Day!

There are significant stressors occurring currently with COVID-19.
The Governors of Maryland and Virginia issued orders today instructing persons to stay home beginning tonight
Two new COVID related trainings are available

Class of 2020

Well things sure changed quickly didn’t they?
Plan to graduate on Wednesday
One more thing
Any virtual graduation ceremony will not be mandatory

This is a Message from the USU notification system

Graduation Ceremony time set for 1300 tomorrow!
I know a lot has changed in the past 24 hours for you all.
We are working hard to promote everyone early to O-3.

Social-isolated physicians…

First, the obligatory congrats!
We hope you’re staying safe and taking good care of yourselves.
Congratulations on completing your degree!
Attached are more resources for COVID

Good afternoon Doctors

I recognize that the last few weeks have been tumultuous and incredibly nerve wracking.
Our COVID-19 response continues to mature and expand.
We hope you all enjoyed the virtual ceremony yesterday.

Happy Friday

Thanks everyone, for your leadership and expertise during these challenging times
It is my understanding that there are many questions and concerns about the upcoming taskings
You made it this far, and you will make it through.

Here are the most recent updates in our fight against COVID-19

The White House recently released its plan for “Opening Up America Again”
All, I will foot-stomp this
You are stronger than you think.

Eleanor Wade

Bethesda, Maryland


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