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I was in the shower this morning. (I have a big event today: going to the grocery drive-thru while they put some items into the trunk so I can drive home, sanitize everything and finally have some ice cream! Anyway, I digress.) In the shower I was singing the song from Jesus Christ Superstar, “Could We Start Again, Please?”

"Could we start again, please?" seems so appropriate right now. How many of us want a do-over? How many of us would do things differently in our life if we had the opportunity? There are many words I would not have said. Many words that could or could not, and maybe should or should not, have been said. Hugs and kisses not given. Praise not given.

One of the many lessons COVID-19 is teaching us is the precariousness of life. The need to do and say today, for tomorrow may be too late. Today is a new day, a new opportunity, a start-over day.

Actually, every day is a new, start-over day.

Barbara Karnes
Vancouver, Washington