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Lessons from the Judge

My co-worker in the intensive care unit said, "Hey, that looks like Burl Ives," as we came out of the change-of-shift report.
The charge nurse replied, "No, that's Mr. Jones, a federal judge. Everybody's scared of him."

Ten Days and Counting

We were waiting anxiously for a surgery to correct a stricture in our newborn son Ethan's aorta, just four days following another procedure, to repair defects in his throat. After Ethan was prepped for surgery, the cardiovascular surgeon called us aside. 

"Our first surgery," he said, "took much longer than we anticipated. We are all a little tired. If you feel strongly that we should go ahead with the operation, we will do it as scheduled. But we would rather wait until Monday."   

See What's Left

The other day I asked my husband, “How many times a day do you worry about your body or your health?” His reply, “one or two,” shocked me. My answer: At least fifty.

Pain: A Source of Worry

Ten years ago, I had my first jaw surgery; this past December I had my fifth. The latest surgery also came with radiation to--hopefully--prevent heterotopic bone from regrowing over the prosthetic device in my jaw and from causing me 24/7 pain. And worry.


mainencounterspicWe are proud to announce Encounters, our latest feature. Patients talk about their healthcare experiences, share stories about their lives outside the doctor's office and reflect on how these two worlds affect one other.