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Ten years–wow. Congratulations, Pulse. I wish that I’d discovered you sooner. It wasn’t until 2015, while I was taking an online writing course, that my instructor recommended I visit this “free online journal dedicated to health-care stories.” On first impression, Pulse looked like a mostly physician publication. Au contraire, I was very pleased to learn that you’re inclusive rather than exclusive–and, a rare find, interdisciplinary to the point of inviting patients to send in their stories.  
After a short time perusing the stories, I signed up to receive your weekly email. Pulse magically started pushing stories to me every Friday. Nice! Convenient also, in that once I got on the site, I’d click on other areas and found myself especially liking the visuals. Last year, seeing as I’d read dozens of stories, it felt like time to energize my subscription, so I sent in a donation–which afforded me some interesting anthologies and a Pulse t-shirt.   
Thanks, Pulse editors, for making me feel at home and publishing several of my short stories. Your submission process is very user-friendly. I can breathe and be myself here. Wishing you continued success.
Marilyn Barton
Hampton, Virginia