More Voices FAQs

Brief nonfiction first-person stories and reflections that arise from your own healthcare experience. (Sorry, More Voices does not accept poetry submissions.)

We don't run opinion pieces, but we are most interested in the story behind the belief, i.e., in the personal experience that led you to feel so strongly about something.

Most definitely. All Pulse features welcome pieces from patients, caregivers and anyone else with a healthcare experience to share.

Pulse readers are patients, health professionals, families and the general public. When crafting your story, please avoid medical jargon. Make sure that your piece would make sense to your sister-in-law, your teenage nephew or an old friend who is outside the medical field.

Click on Submit to More Voices and fill out the form. It's pretty easy.

We ask authors to limit their submissions to one piece per theme.

Given time limitations and our wish to accept and post pieces quickly, our editors are unable to engage in a back-and-forth exchange with authors over stylistic issues, although they will correct factual errors introduced by their editing. It is always your option to withdraw your piece, and we will take it down from our website--with no hard feelings.

There is no deadline. You may make a submission on any posted More Voices theme at any time.

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