torn tree limbs


7 thoughts on “torn tree limbs”

  1. What a lovely / horrific image. Nicely nicely done.
    Isn’t haiku a great form for these tiny moments?

    1. Karen R Richardson

      Thank you Seigan. I worked with people experiencing this disorder for 20 years. They are some of the most loving and bravest people I will ever meet.

  2. I was lucky enough to have Karen and see her disposition, as we very well do not know. I was never embarrassed, because she saw and quite possibly felt the pain with me. She understood and still understands my tears of pain from having seizures and even now my tears of joy and fear from not having them. Karen your words can be interpreted into our emotions and pain being compared to something as beautiful as a waterfall instead of what we feel is loniless and fear. Thank you for showing me more of what is truly good in the world.

  3. Elaine Whitman

    Great juxtaposition of the “thrashing” tree limbs and the patients arms during a seizure… with this haiku, you brought me to your patient’s bedside. Nicely done.

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