stationary bike

Stationary Bike
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3 thoughts on “stationary bike”

  1. Like V. RANALDI-ADAMS (hi, Valentina!), I too like the constructive ambiguity of this poem. And the COVID-19 pandemic adds more nuance: Will riding in place help the person stay fit and sane in this crazy time of self-isolation? Can a stationary bike help carry him or her into some future post-pandemic world?

  2. Is this a person trying to loose weight? Is this a person trying to get in shape? Is this a person in rehab? This haiku has the right balance of not too much and not too little info.

  3. I love this. Having been an avid bicyclist before health issues ended that I wondered often what pleasure people took from stationary bikes in the gym. I can see myself in this haiku.

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